The Cluttered Mind

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writer's block or just lack of enthusiasm?

Ok, so I have this blog taking up server and virtual space, with ONLY 2 posts!! Soon to be 3 counting this one.

The question has been asked in the title of this post. So, let's examine the possible reasons for lack of content.

Writer's block?
Absolute rubbish. No such thing has ever happened or can happen to the author of this blog.

Lack of enthusiasm?
Possibly, yet this cannot be attributed as the sole reason for the sparsity of posts. One must consider that the author may:
  • Have a busy lifestyle, and hence little to no time for posting crap content
  • Not have anything to write about
  • Be a sluggard and generally lazy retard

I like 2b and 2c. Yea.

Senseless post #3, brought to you by the words 'lazy', 'sluggard' and the number 3!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mumblings on Web Development

Web development is an immensely complex and broad area of the programming universe.

If I were to use cities as an analogy, I'd say that Web Development is like viewing Los Angeles from a plane on approach into LAX.

'Normal' application development would be the Ann Arbor or Detroit CBD, full of towering and efficient constructs, which make sense and follow a familiar pattern of progression.

Was really caught in two-minds about taking up my current job position, because I knew the score। Considering the job market at the time and that niggling desire for a challenge, I signed on the dotted line, with some idea of what to expect.

It has been a very, very demanding and rocky road, with many tasks and responsibilities to handle. I don't believe that I've progressed as much as I should have, and that causes intense frustration for me.

Times are troubled, and there isn't much one can do expect grit down and bite the bullet, even if it kills you.

Done flogging this dead horse..

First Post - Another footprint

I am here?

Something about that statement/question always bemuses me. Can't quite put my mental finger on it.

Maybe it's the fact that it raises the question of the 'here'..and further leads the question of time and identity.

All that is irrelevant in the face of what one does.

The legacy of a person's actions supersede identity, time, and presence.

Uninspired...I need a nude female model..